Thursday, March 24, 2011

Life sucks and then you die, right? Because the only things promised to you in life are pain and death.

But people try and make the most of it anyway. You find happiness, look for love, make friends. You take the good with the bad. Tell yourself that things could always be worse, that there are other people worse off than you are, and that you should be thankful for the things you have, right?

On the outside anyway...on the inside your a seething, angry ball of hatred and rage; and there's nothing that anyone can do to stop it. Or well I am anyway...maybe that's just me though? I don't know. *sighs*

I'm glad no one is reading this...

Monday, March 14, 2011


Ok so...Scott is on the run now...dammit another person forced to leave everything behind. But he knew what he was getting into when he started...doesn't make it any less horrrible though...But me? ...I have no idea what I'm doing...okay no that's a lie...kinda. I'm living a relatively normal and boring life, while following the lives of people being hunted and chased by a guy with no face, and trying to help the only way I can by giving encouragement and what little advice I can.

What the fuck am I doing with my life? Going to college, but honestly I feel like I'd being doing more good helping some of you. I, however,  am not stupid enough to purposely draw attention to myself. Though I may or may not be targeted. Depending, of course, on if I become a pain in Slenderman's ass. I'm hoping I don't...seriously.

On a different note there's something I want to talk about. I was reading Reach's lastest post this morning and something he and Thage were talking about got me thinking. Roughly the were disscusing how they are setting things up for the White King and Queen, so when they are finally found they'll be untarnished by everything that's already been done and it got me thinking.

To every King a Queen, right?

So wouldn't it stand to reason that Slenderman would  have a Queen? And as disturbing a thought as that is, really it should be taken into account...damn. Ok, so who would the Black Queen be? Could it be a's not a possiblity that can be ruled out at all. Though it couldn't be anyone like Sandra from H(a)unting...the she's too sweet and innocent. No, this human would have to be twisted in some way, full of such an amount of negative feelings that it shouldn't be possible (because as we all know he feeds off negative feelings), not actually human, or some combinating of the three...FUCK. Not to say that it isn't possible because hey, it's a big universe...and as Slenderman has shown us; anything is possible.

SO let's say she is an extent. She would have to be full of hate, I mean a profound hatred that could rivial the heat of the sun. It would have to so immense that she could never truly be rid of it, only drive it back. Imagine it, all that hate just waiting under the surface caged and waiting for the chance to be released. She'd be His ultimate weapon. A never ending well of energy at his disposal, ready and waiting anytime He needed or wanted.


But, really to think that it could be Sandra? No...just no. She's too innocent and naive for something like that. It could be someone else though. Maybe...she's a conduit? Though, he could have already have killed her, right? He has had many of them killed throughout the years. What if she wasn't though? What if she's still alive? The one Conduit, he would actually have use's not a good thought. AT ALL

*sigh* Oh well, there it is. Think about it if you want to or don't. Honestly...I really, really wish I hadn't.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011


It seems like things are getting really bad for everyone doesn't it? ...damn I wish I could do something, but I can't...not physically anyway. What I can and will do is encourage all of you that fighting and running to keep going and don't give up. The road is long and filled with perill and now this new ///Thing/// has popped up...DAMN! Don't give up, don't give in, and if you go down do it fighting. Especially with this new...sicker, more dangerous version of the slenderman. If you haven't seen it be don't want to. I'm sure you've all got your hands full with the original. So don't give up and get going anyway you can. Don't give up hope. To every story an ending and to every fairytail a Hero.

Also Chester has gone after Vivi...go luck man, kick in the Ass man and believe.