Thursday, October 11, 2012


haven't posted in a while, I'm not dead. Thanks the heavens. Boring and not boring stuff has been going on, but the most important stuff: some supernatural occurrences have going on but nothing that hasn't or isn't going to be handled. Honestly, I'm only using this blog monitoring. Be careful guys, keep your head low, and keep surviving anyway you can.


Monday, November 21, 2011


So...I recently (a couple of weeks ago) found out that there s some serious shit going down in the same fucking state that I live in....

It's not anywhere close or anywhere that I plan on going to anytime soon, but just the fact that it's happening is...distressing atleast.

I am however glad that I founed out about it. I mean not knowing and having it just come here out of the blue? That would be horrible. It's not going on where I am, but It's too MOTHERFUCKiNG CLOSE for my liking.

I wish the best of luck of luck to the kids that are trying to deal with it...they're gunna need it.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I did something stupid as fuck a while back. I told my friend about Slenderman...

And the Dumbass told his current gf, who is also a friend of mine. Nothing's happened so far, mostly because they still don't think he really exsist. So, things are still quiet and uneventful...

Here's to hoping they stay that way...



Thursday, April 28, 2011


Still nothing going on down here...that I've heard about anyway. Still hope it doesn't either.

On a different note. Ray and Ava are planning to get put of all this after today, so they can rise their child in a stable environment. I'm glad.

Best of luck to them.

Goodbye Ray, Ava.


Friday, April 15, 2011


I'm considering trying to forget evrything I've read and getting the FUCK away from ALL of this...but that would be running away.

I don't like running away, at all.

Besides, I'm not afraid of Slenderman anymore. I was in the begining, but not now. I haven't seen him and I don't want to. But I'm keeping my eyes and ears opened, and my music on. Just in case. Laterz


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Looked/What if?

So I looked through the family album and he wasn't there. And I was happy as HELL that he
wasn't. To tell the truth I didn't think he would be nothing EVER happens down here at all...but there's a reason for that, though I can't really tell you what it is.

Moving on...I had another thought hours after I'd finally done that.

What if it's that Slenderman isn't so much faceless, as he has no real identity...?

Honestly, it was just an errant thought. But, then I actually did think about it. Then I thought about this show I like to watch sometimes, Ghost Whisperer. One episode in particular came to mind. What happens is a family moves into the town where she the medium lives and obviously there's a ghost attcahed to them. Whens she goes to visit them, however, they don't have faces. It's a vision, of course. Later though, you find out that they don't have Identities. That's why she couldn't see their faces.

So, what if Slenderman doesn't have a face because he doesn't know who/what he really is? What if Slenderman was, at one point and time, an actually man and something happened to him? Maybe he hatred of mankind was so great it turned him into this thing that we know now?

But then I remembered something; during a conversation Lya, Matt, and Sandra were having with Slenderman he wrote: It is not the fault of the creation what the creator makes it's purpose out to be. I also remembered that when I first got into to all of this some of the stories the old ones mentioned that he did indeed have a face but it changed depending on the person he was stalking.

No face=no sense of self=no purpose. There are sprinklings of his present all through history. His power is drawn by belief, but what if his appearance and purpose are as well? That would mean that everytime the legends and stores changed so he and his purpose until, even he didn't know  what he was truly here to do.

It explains the proxies and why they wear mask. He takes away their identities, their sense of self and he changes them to fit his purpose; whatever that may be now. So they don the mask, their personalities wiped clean and their new purpose imbedded into their brains. They become the mask they wear blank, emotionless, and mindless to a certain point. You take away the mask and what's left?

A shell of their former selves.

Again just a though.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

So I've decided

I'm going to look through the old family album when I get back home. See, if he's there in background anywhere. I'm hoping he's not...

But what do I do if he is? Pfft...what can I do? Deal with it and figure out what my next move is...

I should have done it sooner. I'd thought about it, but never did it. Well, we'll see what comes of it.